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Start Up can do more with less staff, which means fewer levels of management and more motivated workers. Nevertheless, we are still trapped in the old thinking of “I can only progress if people are reporting to me.” It’s a dying idea, but one we fail to replace as Start Up founders. But if we’re going to learn to work in a new world with smaller teams doing 10x more than they used to, we have to find out how to reframe our teams’ career paths. They really talk about three things when our employees talk about growth: money, recognition, and empowerment. Money is easy; we can pay more at all times.
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Recognition is generally a title thing that can often be modified, whereas becoming “Senior Director of Marketing” clearly sounds dumb when it’s one department. And empowerment is about giving the agency to others to do it alone or the recognition for their accomplishments. We need to match cash payments, not the title, with the actual donation. Titles suggest a commitment amount, but we need to be more specific in a small Start Up: “The more impact you have the more we can pay you.”  

Does people care about Job Titles?

We need to be conscious that people do care about titles, but those titles need to be a representation of ability, not the number of direct reports. That means, without a single direct report, a designer should be able to rank from Designer > Senior Designer > Art Director > Creative Director. It’s also important for those people to realize that since they will be granted more agency, they will possibly get to those titles quicker than they could in a larger business.  Check out this link the reasons why shouldn’t care about Job Titles


Which introduces us to empowerment. At its heart, both of us want to be motivated to do something and test our abilities. We need to flaunt the fact that our team will have a much greater chance to branch out and take responsibility for more in a smaller setting in a young company. Hopefully, the extra burden would lead to more donations that will then result in more cash.  

This is not to suggest that our team can have aspirations to be managers for themselves with that there is nothing wrong. Or they can look to a larger organization to learn what we can’t provide from more senior folks. As founders, our job is to have the best possible atmosphere for the stuff that we can be successful at.

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