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About Us

Our mission is clear and simple

We are currently focused on 2 main goals, which drive our business:

  • To grow the total GDP of products and services enabled by digitalization
  • Help small businesses (the little guys) transition, without fail, into the new digital age

Getting started is easy and free

How to join the Small Business Community

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Save Thousands of Dollars

Don’t dish out thousands of dollars hiring designers and web developers. Get your website now, and see results faster. 

What We Stand For

The 4th Industrial Revolution

We’re obsessed with efficiency, standardization and quality. We're ushering in a new era for digital products and how they are manufactured

Value Added

For every $1 charged, we must provide $10 of value in return


Meet the new model-T of digital products manufacturing


Your business is important and any interruptions can impact your brand image. We are laser focused on delivering the best quality for you and your customers

Simplicity Built-In

In everything, and both in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

Community Based Products

By buying into our product, you are also buying into the vision of our company and our community, which is to make the world more connected through technology

What We Do Best

Our Guarantee to Customers

Remain Mission Focused

We will not falter in our quest to achieve both our objectives, and make the world more connected through technology

Objectives Based over Profit

We hard-cap costs at levels that are sustainable for both our customers, us, and future development, and go after features that benefit the community the most

Continuous User Feedback

We listen to our users and actively improve the product based on user feedback gathered

Why you should go digital

Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

prebuilt websites

For a small business, the life time value of a customer over many store visits could be worth in the thousands of dollars. Having a digital presence to attract new customers just entering your addressable market segment is key to growing your revenue and staving off competition

The branding value of visiting a well designed website that is rich in interactivity can be priceless. You’re basically saying that you care about the customer experience very much. Businesses with high brand value attract more loyal customers who in turn spend more and spread the word more often

Younger customers, and even middle age customers nowadays are expecting richer digital interactions, such as to book, chat, and leave a review on your website. Give your customers a highly interactive website that will satiate their modern needs, and you can easily distinguish yourself from competitors.

For small businesses that are very visual, customers are expecting images that showcase what you can offer them.

For small businesses that have an established tradition, you can showcase this fact on your website to tell customers that you have a demonstrated ability to get the job done

And lastly, for companies that have a mission or purpose-driven objective, you can let your customers know why you’re in the business, and what you’re doing to help the community.

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