Pricing & Features

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Pricing and Features

We believe in simple and transparent pricing that enables barbershop owners to plan their budget and succeed digitally

Get A Designer-Made Website For $0 Upfront

” We only charge for service and support <3 “

* $100 Safety deposit is refunded after purchase.

The 100% Out-Of-The-Box Solution

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Digitally transform your business and grow your sales

(Billed Annually)
Prebuilt Website
Custom Domain
Managed Hosting
Ecommerce/Shopping Cart
All Pro Features
All Deluxe Features
Included Licenses
50% Off Monthly Retainer
Deluxe Sites


The full-on, deluxe, do-it-for-me digital experience

(Billed Annually)
Prebuilt Website
Custom Domain
Managed Hosting
Ecommerce/Shopping Cart
All Pro Features
All Deluxe Features
Included Licenses
50% Off Monthly Retainer
Deluxe Sites


A one-time fee, for a lifetime partnership

$8998One Time Fee

Everything in Deluxe
No Monthly Fees
Pro Features
Get More Customers
Chat With Customers

• Delight customers by giving them answers in real time. Happier customers means more business.
• Carry conversations through Facebook Messenger, where 2.7 billion users are already connected.
• Since users are already signed up through Facebook, they do not need to opt-in their email to chat, for a less spammy experience. Customers can continue their conversations with you anytime on Facebook, ensuring customers don’t drop off and miss your replies.
Easy Booking

• Online booking lets customers skip the waiting line and book their favorite barber, ensuring they’ll be happy and always get their top pick
• Customers hate waiting. Capture more busy, often richer demographics customers who prefer businesses that save them time
• Text reminders and max booking limits within a time window ensure you are booked accurately and are never overbooked
Professional Blog
Your site comes with a ready-made blog integrated into your website, and already has 6 fully finished blog posts

• Increase customer engagement with blog posts about hair, style, and fashion tips. Engaged customers try more services and spread word of mouth more often
• Get ranked higher on Google and search engines, as your posts are read more often
• Intuitive workflow to draft & publish blog posts, such that writing becomes a pleasurable and seamless pastime
Boost Brand Image

• Lightning charge your brand with a mouth-watering, beautiful, & sophisticated website with rich interactions
• Companies with better branding are able to charge more and enjoy greater loyalty and repeat business
Be Found On Google

• Get found on the most popular search engine: Google
• The Deluxe plan includes added visibility for Bing & GoGoDuck, 2 additional search engines other than Google
SEO Optimized

• Your site’s HTML is optimized for search engines. You’ll be ranked higher on Google compared to nearby barbershop websites
• A higher ranked websites shows up on top of Google and is much more likely to be clicked on. It’s basically free real estate that gives you more customers and takes away clicks from competitors
Conversion Optimized
Your website does what it is designed to do and does it exceptionally well: get customers to sign up

• Places where customers can sign up have been strategically placed at the optimal locations to make sure customers follow through on signing up on your website
• A logical flow and layout lets customers find information extremely fast, ensuring they're more ready to sign up for your services
• A higher conversion rate statistically means more customer signups over time - it’s basically like free cashflow that lasts forever
New Customer and Sale Promos
For small businesses that have repeating services, each customer can be worth thousands of dollars over their lifetime. Capturing customers who are just beginning to consume haircut services is vital

• Potentially entice new customers with a popup that offers a discount, only for new customers
• Host coupons and discount cards on your website to act as additional incentive
• Run event promos with a countdown timer. Customers are more likely to purchase when supply or time is limited
Savings Galore
Save 200 Hours
Creating a professional website takes on average 1 to 2 hundred hours. Save 200 productive hours when you go with our prebuilt websites, and have more time to enjoy your life!
Save Thousands of Dollars

• Save thousands of dollars on designers and developers by getting a prebuilt website, already fully built
• Save thousands of dollars on high-end software licenses, We give you access to the best commercial-grade software available, free of charge
• We continuously search and evaluate the best, new technologies available on the market, and we give you free access to those new tools once we identify them. We’re like your inhouse R&D team!
Minimize Development Risk

• Getting a cheap developer can be attractive in the beginning, but you might be adding future costs later on. A lot of the times, what we see is that if the development is not thought out from start to finish, change is both hard to implement and expensive
• Our websites are developed to be modular and standardized, meaning we follow strict development procedures in order to ensure continuity later on. This directly translates into cost savings for you because there are no mistakes, meaning no rework, and if an upgrade is needed, it can be smoothly added to the existing stack of technologies
Deploy  Fully Prebuilt
Prebuilt Website
A fully prebuilt barbershop website, from start to finish.

• All you need to do is change a couple of images and a few lines of text to make the site yours.
• No technical knowledge required to modify or maintain • Logical layout of pages & sections to make navigation for customers super easy
Time is Money
“Time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money, but you cannot get more time.” - Jim Rohn
Pre-Copywritten with the most effective words, aimed to persuade customers to sign up on your website and make you more money
Images Preset
Beautiful images adorn every page of your future website
Simplified Convenience
Starter Pack
Get a list of free resources (i.e. printable posters) to hang in your shop, helping customers to embrace your new digital storefront. We typically benchmark what you might need, make those prebuilt posters, and share them with you via a share drive.
Free Guided Setup
Making a website is complicated. We’ll guide you every step of the way and make sure your experience is stress free. We’ll make sure you have videos, resources, and links ready to go
Free Monthly Maintenance
We provide, free of charge, a standard monthly maintenance which checks for any server, security, speed, or uptime issues
Free Domain Management
We provide, free of charge, a free domain and free management of said domain for you, so you can focus on the most important thing: taking care of your customers
Manage &  Moderate
Easy Administration
Comes with an easy to use WordPress dashboard that lets you control your entire site in 1 single place

• Simple learning curve
• Easily hand off to staff or business partners by simply adding a new user and setting permissions
Drag and Drop Page Builder

• Build and customize any pages by drag and dropping new sections onto the page
• No code or technical knowledge required
Ecommerce / Shopping Cart
Enable a shopping cart and sell things through your website, with the all powerful WooCommerce integration

• WooCommerce is an all-in-one Ecommerce solution that's on-par with, and quite possibly even better, than Shopify
• WooCommerce features intuitive workflows for your to sell, manage, promote, ship, track, update, and accept payments, all in one platform
• WooCommerce is the least pricy option available on the market. Looking to start selling without writing any code and access everything that an Ecommerce solution can offer? Then look no further.
Unlimited Users
Easily add new, unlimited users to help you manage your site. Set any custom permissions you want, for any user. Our solution allows you to collaborate seamlessly with other people
Quickly Revert Changes
Be able to quickly revert any single change that you just made, ensuring that there is no lost or wasted efforts when you are customizing your site
Moderate & Approve
Easily moderate & approve all comments or reviews posted on your site. Only approved interactions can show up on your site and on Google, ensuring you have total control over your site and its appearance
Support &  Community
Support Hotline
Have a question about your website or need general website advice? Reach out to our chat support hotline or fill out a support ticket anytime
Hyperfocus Scope

• The difference between our products vs. others is that ours are hyper-focused on your specific niche, and we are very proud to be laser customer-focused.
• We are very vigilant in terms of doing the research that goes into ensuring that our product is properly aligned to your business and its specific challenges, hence why our websites are poised to adapt to changes that your specific business niche will face now and in the future.
Small Business Community
Click Here to Join the Small Business Community

• Join a community of barbershop owners and other small business owners in other verticals
• Get industry insights and industry tips to improve your business
• Find your crowd. Attend meetups and roundtables hosted by and other owners
Modern Design
Mobile/Tablet Responsive
Many younger customers browse on mobile. The opportunity is to give them a delightful experience, scoring your business points than other competitors who aren’t up to par. You’ll be able to enhance your brand and get more customers in the process

• Your website looks great and resizes dynamically on both mobile and tablet
• Your site ranks higher on Google because it is mobile/tablet responsive
World Class Design

• A world class design breathes life into your website and communicates to customers your barbershop is worth visiting
• Our professional, inhouse designers have extensive experience in crafting a beautiful website that is both functionality rich and user-friendly to navigate
Love animations? Each section of your website can be beautifully designed with eye catching animations to truly make it stand out
Over 1000+ Icons
Love icons? So do we. Get access to over 1000 beautiful icons that you can customize your website to make it look pixel perfect
Site Analytics
Manage your online traffic, site statistics, & other important site metrics, all in one central place.
WordPress Core
Tried and true technology: WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, powering over 1/3 of all websites in the world. Overall, 48% of the top 1 million sites are using WordPress

• WordPress is an incredibly flexible CMS, featuring thousands of plugins and extensions for any and all use cases
• When set up correctly, it’s incredibly user-friendly and is the best choice for beginners or non-IT people
Free Hosting
Free hosting, covered by us, and powered by Siteground

• Siteground is a specialty hosting vendor with award winning support and performance
• A little pricier for our company, but we know our customers are going to appreciate the top performance
• As an added benefit, you also receive best in-class hosting and security support from Siteground in addition to our support
• Remember, if it’s free, it’s for me!
Hire Talent and Accept Files
Easily accept resumes and other files through your site

• By having a careers page, your business will look more professional
• All form submissions are sent directly to your email, where you can efficiently reply
• Additionally, advanced after-submission actions can be easily set up to notify your apps or perform advanced actions on apps such as slack, discord, Mailchimp, SMS, etc
Professional Email
Don’t use Gmail for business, it’s not professional!

• Get professional emails addresses associated with your website domain name, such as
• A professional email is the ultimate sign that your business is established and legitimate, and builds trust with your customers
Over 1000+ Integrations
Wordpress is simply superior in its open ecosystem, and is poised for future success (hint: you don't want a closed off platform). Access over 1000+ integrations between your site and external apps with native WordPress, Zapier or Integromat

• By default, our platform and solution comes with tons of native integrations, so most of the time you will not even need integration tools like Zapier & Integromat
• If you're looking for an integration, chances are that there might be a better, simpler way of doing things. Reach out to our chat and we will gladly help you out free of charge
Lightning Fast

• We follow industry leading techniques to make sure your site’s images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are optimized for faster loading times
• Powerful caching allows your site’s servers to deliver assets efficiently without rework and high latency
• Deluxe plans enjoy free CDN coverage and the highest tier of servers available
Daily Backups
Backups are intentionally redundant twice to give you peace of mind

• Onsite backups: Easily spin up an automated previous daily or a manual backup of your site
• Server backups: Having issues? Ask us to reset your site using a backend server backup
Secure layers of Firewall protects your site from bots and malicious human-mimicking software

• In addition, our hosting provider has built-in additional protection layers at the server level
• Suspicious IP address are banned and monitored constantly through a worldwide network
• We take security reasons very seriously. If you ever have any issues, just fill out a support ticket regarding security and we will prioritize your ticket to the top of the queue
Recaptcha & Login Security
It’s important to have automated firewall systems, but also equally important to prevent spam and bots that try to use “brute force” tactics

• ReCaptcha by Google prevents forms and logins to be attacked by bots
• ReCaptcha limits login attempts to a set number of tries, thus preventing brute force attacks and malicious logins
Free SSL Certificate
Get a free SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a security badge to the left of the URL, often marked with a lock icon, that certifies to visitors that their information is encrypted and protected while on your website.

• An SSL certificate is crucial to build trust with your customers. After all, it’s one of the first things people look for when they visit a website
• An SSL certificate lets the internet know your site’s identity is verified and secure


If you still have any questions, please reach out to our chat, we’ll be happy to explain features and pricing, and even help you learn a few things about websites


Of course! We have different designs of prebuilt websites that you can choose from. Once you get your website, you are able to 100% fully customize your site to your liking, including setting new designs and pages

Sorry, we can only modify your site after we have delivered the prebuilt version. We recommend you to upload a document containing your special requirements in the sign up form – this will let us know your requirements ahead of time

Yes. Your website looks great and resizes dynamically on both mobile and tablet. When we made your site, this was one of the first non-negotiables that we defined.

UX is short for user experience. When designing a website it is very important to consider the user’s experience on the website. We create websites with amazing user experience built-in to the core experience

You can fully customize your website, including your own logo. After you get your website, please reach out to chat and we’ll let you know how much it will cost to make a logo


Yes, for you the owner, replying to your customers can be done anywhere using the Facebook app. For the customer, there is no email opt-in required – just delight your customers with real-time answers.

Yes. All prebuilt websites are all already copywritten. You can also modify your content easily. Our prebuilt websites come with a Drag and Drop Page Builder where you can build and customize any pages. No code or technical knowledge required.

It typically takes at most 1 day delivery alongside with the final invoice document via email

Our prebuilt website comes with loaded features. If you want to add something, send us a support ticket or make changes yourself (no coding required). But, trust us, all our prebuilt websites are already fully packed with awesome features for your business’s use case

Yes! Get a professional email associated with your website domain name.

Yes. You can integrate any social media platform. You can link to your social media or embed iframes or HTML from that social media into your site. The widget required depends on whether or not the social media is able to do that.

There’s a lot of features in our prebuilt websites to get more sales. Aside from your business being advertised in popular search engines like Google, it is also conversion optimized. It means that more customer signups over time. Also, a higher ranked in google is much more likely to be clicked on and seek on.


It is highly recommended to go with a free domain that we’ll give you, and we’ll manage it for you as well. If you’re trying to use a previous domain you have, you’ll need to transfer the management account of that domain to us

You can check it in the link we included in the sign up form

Yes! An SSL certificate is crucial to build trust with your customers. We provide SSL certificates and maintains it for you, free of charge

Unfortunately, no. The SSL certificate goes hand in hand with the DNS server, which is provided by the hosting company

Definitely. WordPress is the most popular platform around that is user friendly and easy to learn for non-IT people. You can easily navigate through it without coding knowledge and in one central dashboard.

Content delivery networks, or CDN carry a significant portion of the world’s internet traffic. It provides performance, availability, security and intelligence in the world of internet.
We follow industry leading techniques to make sure your site’s images, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are optimized for faster loading times.

The faster your site speed, the better. Your customers will have a better experience, and your site will rank higher on Google

Web hosting is the provision of space on a web server to store your website. The web hosting company can be a 3rd party provider of computing resource in addition to us, the service providers.

Yes. Hosting is like renting space on the internet. You’ll need hosting, otherwise people won’t be able to access your website. Our hosting provider is Siteground with award-winning support and performance. We will provide this for free.

Primarily we use WordPress. WordPress is an incredibly flexible CMS, featuring thousands of plugins and extensions for any and all use cases.

Plans & Pricing

Simply enter your credit or debit card information on the checkout page. All setup fees are waived and counted toward the cost of your first bill. The only time you will incur a fee is if you decide to cancel midway after the labor has been performed.

We only accept US dollars for now. Please reach out to chat support if you have extra needs outside of US dollars.

Yes. We offer this service for free. We will copy everything from your old account and transfer it in the new domain. A domain transfer request is needed for us to get control of the previous domain account.


Don’t worry, it won’t. Your servers are smartly engineered as a distributed system that have been made for reliability, meaning it’s statistically impossible for all servers in the system to fail at once


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a collection of techniques and best practices aimed at improving a site’s visibility in the organic search results to attract online traffic.

Organic search traffic refers to the unpaid traffic that naturally finds its way to a site through search engines. Most organic traffic originates from a search entered into a major search engine such as Bing, Yahoo or Google.

Our prebuilt websites have blog features that can get you ranked higher on Google and other search engines as your posts are read more often. Also, all built pages come with best SEO practices, ensuring that the core site is already SEO friendly


Our Support Team is available to you through a 24/7 ticketing system. If there is something wrong with the site, we will always be ready to fix it as quickly as possible. We will also assist you with questions about the site, explain how to make small changes, and etc.

Yes! We provide a very detailed, guided set up of your website that’s designed to take up as least of your time as possible

Yes, it comes with our Deluxe Plan, or you can talk to chat to request a one-off consultation. A 30-minute consultation session with an inhouse technology advisor would go over what problems you’re having and what potential solutions would look like

Unfortunately, no. We only support websites that we have built. We have this policy so that we can 100% stand behind everything that we make.

Aside from being (much) cheaper, buying prebuilt websites is a way to bypass all of the tedious work that website developers have to spend working on a project and that would take months to finish. If you hire outside freelancer work, the quality is not 100% guaranteed, and expect higher costs due to unforeseen things. Spending a little bit more in the beginning can save you mistakes that will cost thousands of dollars in the long run.

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