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Barbershop Website Use Cases

Let customers book online

Chat with customers thru Facebook Messenger

Help new customers discover my business and entice them to come

Help explain to customer my services
Be seen on Google and other search engines
Run ads on Google
Let customers see haircut styles
Upsell customers on more services

Run promotions for holidays and special events

Sell giftcards
Help customers understand our pricing
Try to help customers discover more services

Help customers understand my business's mission

Let customers see what hair products we use in the store
Showcase my business's history and legacy
Reduce customer waiting times

Collect customer surveys

Let customer discover coupons
Showcase my team/staff and their biographies
Put important information so customers online can be aware

Not just beautifully designed

Staff & Operator Friendly

Our websites are built to be not only user-friendly for users, but also for staff, managers, and owners

Use cases
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Not just beautifully designed

Fully Functional Websites

Our barbershop websites are fully functional, allowing visitors to have a rich, interactive experience, which ultimately, makes your job a lot easier.

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