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With the world’s most complete template library and an impeccable service team, we let you pick and choose the best-in-class designed templates and have us implement it, all without you ever lifting a finger.

The World's Most Complete Template Library

Pick, choose, and have us implement, all without you ever lifting a finger



Professional, modern blogs to engage your audience and grow brand loyalty



All your niche use cases covered. Need a gift cards section added to your website? No problem



Beauitful, jaw dropping product showcases



The best that forms have to offer



For all your custom needs

50% Off With Deluxe

Our monthly retainer is best utilized while on the Deluxe Plan (Or Lifetime), with a whopping 50% off discount for your monthly retainer

monthly retainer

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About Our Service

Fill out an Implement Request form, found under the “Support” dropdown on our menu. This will create a ticket in our system, where we can track our hours spent on your issue as well as keep track of all changes or communications that happens

Anything that’s related to your website, that our service team has access to. If it’s a 3rd party app or service that we have to sign in with your account, that’s something we wouldn’t be able to cover because of liability issues.

Our monthly retainer service exists so that you wouldn’t have to do anything. We offer the highest quality of libraries examples for Blogger, Addon, & Ecommerce examples. Essentially, you can just pick the ones you like and have us implement it for your site without doing anything.

Don’t worry, we’ll try to help you as best as we can. We allow a 3 past months rolling overage, meaning that you don’t have to worry as much about not having enough hrs in your account.

It’s polivy for everyone on our service team to track their hours to the implementation ticket. The service team tracks their labor the moment they start and end working, and we software systems to support this workflow. Additionally, the company makes an effort to track labor metrics performance, so we can give you competitive labor performance. We also go to great lengths to track ticket success rate, and each service team member is ranked accordingly.

You’re guaranteed X hours of work a month, depending on the package you buy. We have a special service team on standby to help you 🙂 and we base our manpower based on your bought usage. We allow a 3 month rolling sum of hrs (current month + 2 previous months). So even if you don’t use your hrs this month, you’re still banking hrs up for 3 months.


If it’s past the middle date of the month, we are no longer able to offer refunds. If it’s before the middle date of the month, you must speak to our customer chat to manually request a half month refund. There is a $10 convenience fee for processing a refund.

No, please keep in mind that we have to prepare enough personnel to help you. In busy times, we may not be able to accept additional work, so consider signing up sooner rather than later

For quality reasons, we want to make sure our service team is not overwhelmed. This means making a policy that’s fair to the customer for what they pay, but also protects us from being too overwhelmed and performing poorly because of it.

We allow a 3 month rolling sum of hrs (current month + 2 previous months). So even if you don’t use your hrs this month, you’re still banking hrs up for 3 months.