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Digital Marketing

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Why you should go digital

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For a small business, the life time value of a customer over many store visits could be worth in the thousands of dollars. Having a digital presence to attract new customers just entering your addressable market segment is key to growing your revenue and staving off competition

The branding value of visiting a well designed website that is rich in interactivity can be priceless. You’re basically saying that you care about the customer experience very much. Businesses with high brand value attract more loyal customers who in turn spend more and spread the word more often

Younger customers, and even middle age customers nowadays are expecting richer digital interactions, such as to book, chat, and leave a review on your website. Give your customers a highly interactive website that will satiate their modern needs, and you can easily distinguish yourself from competitors.

For small businesses that are very visual, customers are expecting images that showcase what you can offer them.

For small businesses that have an established tradition, you can showcase a history timeline so your customers can know you’re experienced and competent at what you’re doing

And lastly, for companies that have a mission or purpose-driven objective, you can let your customers know why you’re in the business, and what you’re doing to help the community.

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Digital marketing doesn’t demand that small businesses have an arsenal of expensive tools and huge budgets to get noticed, make sales, and grow. Knowing your target audience and your product “in-depth” usually means more than any fancy tools – it is digital marketing.

digital marketing

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